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You Can't Have it All- or Can You?

Looking for a preschool or kindergarten that's just right for your child is a daunting task.

You want a small setting with big possiblites

You want great outdoor time and also access to the amazing Montessori method and materials

You want your child's independence to grow but for them not to grow up too fast

You think your child's school experience should be joyful and their curiosity and love of learning protected and encouraged

You want your child to be celebrated for the unique individual that they are but also to feel a strong sense of belonging

Guess what? We do too!

Read on to see what parents of MFS students have to say.

We are glad we chose MFS for our children because no school before or since has so thoughtfully emotionally, socially, and academically met each of our 3 very different children where they were as unique, amazing individuals within a supportive and loving community. MFS supported each of our children to grow in their areas of challenge while also challenging them to also grow in their areas of strength. Being part of the MFS community was a gift to our whole family and the perfect first step in our educational journey with each of our children.

Aubrey W.

MFS is a special place; the teachers and the thoughtfully organized environment encourage kindness, confidence, and curiosity in their students. Our daughter truly loves school and it’s amazing to watch her growth from her experience at MFS.

Lindsey E.

We loved the community, the individualized care and responsiveness of the teachers at MFS, for sure, but our biggest gift has been the lasting positive impact our time there has had on our daughter. She loved every day at MFS, and years later we still see in her the love of learning, social/emotional intelligence, curiosity, creativity and confidence that was fostered by her teachers at MFS. She couldn't have had a better start to her educational life.

Olynda S.

With the small classroom setting and dedicated and caring teachers, MFS feels like an extension of our family and home.

Samanatha M.

I will forever be grateful I chose MFS for my daughter's preschool and Kindergarten education. MFS cultivated a community of kindness, respect, and curiosity within the classroom that has stayed with my daughter ever since. The social and emotional skills taught at MFS have had a lasting impact on my daughter and I have yet to see a school community teach them so effectively. I truly believe that both the Montessori curriculum and more specifically, the classroom culture at MFS is the best environment for the early education years.

Steffi B.

I love MFS for my son because of the highly intentional, well thought-out curriculum coupled with a dedication to unstructured outdoor play.

Crosby S.

MFS appealed to me initially because it was clear that the children were engaged and happy in their environment when we came to visit. I wasn't that familiar with Montessori before we visited and honestly was skeptical from what little I did read. But being there for 5 mins completely changed my assumptions.

Aiden and Emma get along so well with others. They have a natural curiosity to explore the world around them. They aren't shy about reaching out to any adult for help and they are very comfortable and confident in their place in the world. I truly think that all comes from them starting out with their educational journey at MFS. We always felt the children were safe and in the best possible place they could be if they had to be anywhere but home. We miss that feeling more than you can imagine.

Chris S.

I am so happy we chose MFS because the teachers are wonderful! They expertly help guide our son in his academic and social activities, and he has appropriately challenging individualized work that keeps him engaged and loving school.

Jillian S.

Want to take a look at this amazing environment and a "preview" tour?
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