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Olivia finds great joy singing and dancing with children. Their energy and creativity enrich her own “inner child.” For sixteen years, Olivia taught songs to youngsters at Epworth Preschool in Durham, NC. More recently, she has been telling stories – bookended with songs, of course – through the Durham Public Library System. You can find her every summer volunteering once a week at its Read and Feed Program and during the school year on various branch library schedules like a Dr. Seuss Celebration. Once a month since Fall 2012, Olivia tells folktales to a local senior citizens’ group. In the fall of 2010, Olivia attended a Music Together™ Teacher Training Workshop. She is now a licensed teacher-director of this early childhood music program.

An international phenomenon, Music Together ™ was founded in 1987 and produces songs and techniques to encourage the experience of music at an early age. For more information on her Music Together classes, contact Olivia at or go directly to

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