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Edel’s love of Montessori blossomed while she searched for the best educational options for her children.   Already an Early Childhood Educator, Edel had been intuitively applying a Montessori style parenting approach at home with her two young children. However, it wasn’t until she went looking for a child-centered school that could nurture her son’s curious yet quiet and gentle demeanor, that she happened upon a Montessori school in Silver Spring, Maryland – and the irresistible magic of Montessori! She was from that moment inspired to pursue her Montessori early childhood credentials, which she completed at the Caritas teacher training program of The Catholic Charities of NY.

Committed to provide a diverse living experience for her children and eager to introduce them to art, world culture and her passion for city living, Edel returned to New York City. She embarked on the most important adventure of raising her son and daughter by cultivating in them a love for citizenship and community, in a playground where challenges are plentiful and you must rely on independence, a strong sense of self and a sturdiness of character, but where joy and color abound. Her children are now 20 and 22, studying at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond and The New School in NYC. In addition to being a teacher Edel has worked as a swimming coach, tutor, interpreter, facilities manager, restaurateur, and always as an artist. Her passions include water activities, reading, taking nature walks, gardening, the arts, traveling, and enjoying simple moments. She enjoys the company and energy of children, loves to laugh and be playful but is also skillful at providing structure, predictability and assuring a safe and respectful environment for all ages. Spanish is her native language, and she is looking forward to sharing it in the classroom at MFS.

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