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Shannon was born in Raleigh to a family of educators stretching back for many generations, and fondly recalls her time as a Montessori kid. She grew up just outside of Atlanta and enrolled at Kennesaw University at age 16 to study psychology, intent on learning to work with adolescents as a counselor, and especially interested in art therapy. Shannon's exposure to philosophy and art courses led her to travel and pursue her interests in fine arts and film, and she has an insatiable appetite for learning and personal growth. After becoming a parent, Shannon rekindled her passion for Montessori methods as she learned to homeschool her own children while providing a private home child care service for infants and toddlers, with core Montessori philosophies in mind. Now that her kids are older and off enjoying their adventures in public school education, Shannon is excited and grateful to be once again in the company of 3-to-6-year-olds, and to wonder and giggle with them as they discover their power and purpose as citizens of the world. Shannon is currently pursuing credentials in early childhood education and Montessori guidance, and dreams of working with preschoolers in her spouse's homeland of Ireland once their kids are grown. Meditation, crafts, hiking, mindfulness, animal care, engineering, nature journaling, arts/music appreciation and production, and game design are some of her favorite interests to share with children, and she is happiest sitting on a rug surrounded by children and books.

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