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Claudia attended Montessori school from early childhood in her hometown in Mexico City. In her words: It was a philosophy of life and the high point of her education. 


Claudia holds a BS in Communication and Journalism from National Autonomous University of Mexico, considered one of the best universities in Latin America. Her dissertation consisted of using innovative early education programs for children during their visit to the National Museum of Art in Mexico City. There she had a great experience working with children and enjoyed helping them to learn history through art. After she moved to the United States, she also served for 1 year as a substitute teacher at Williamsville school district in Buffalo, NY. She recently moved to the Raleigh area and started serving at Montessori Farm School as a substitute teacher in 2022 and worked as a bilingual learning and community host at Marbles Museum of Raleigh. For Claudia, the best thing about working with children is to serve as a guide for them and to witness their amazing and glowing daily discoveries.


She loves spending time and creating memories with her seven-year-old son and her lovely husband. Connecting with nature through hiking and gardening is one of her favorite things to do.

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